Adjectives to describe your personality in your resume

If you could describe yourself in one word to your employer, wouldn’t you want that word to make you stand out from your peers? In many interviews, they will ask a personality-testing job interview question and your goal should be to describe your personality in a way that will give off a WOW factor. You want your employer to WANT to work with you. Here is a list of personality adjectives that should


•Friendly, positive disposition



personality adjectives

•Effective contributor


•Effective manager/counselor/consultant

•Quick and enthusiastic



•Persistent and hardworking

•Expertise in your field


•Strong sense of loyalty and commitment

•Strong work ethic













Just like your resume, your personality adjective or adjectives (combining adjectives could put you over the edge) should be tailored for the job you are applying. If, for example, you are applying for a job as a photographer, you could say you are, “Creative with a friendly disposition.” Use the adjectives that fit you as well as your position and your personality adjective could land you the job. is a new kind of resume maker and resume builder, empowering job-seekers to show off their personality and experience and stand out from the crowd by combining the best elements of traditional resumes and video resumes.  For more information check us out BriteTab, or contact us