How to write your Resume "About Me" section

The first part of your resume should be your “About Me” section. Employers need to know whom they are hiring, not solely what the person has done or where they have worked. Obviously work experience and education are important credentials on a resume, but to really get the employers attention, your “About Me” should show who your are and how you wound up applying for their company.

First off, length. As most resumes should not exceed a maximum of two-pages, you do not have a paragraph to describe your life story and a list of career goals. Be specific. In a couple of sentences state who you are, what skills and goals you have, and how those skills and goals can be utilized by the company. Be brief.


About Me

Next, content. As previously stated, you should explain what you like most about the position and how you would be an asset. How you word this information is crucial not only due to length, but also to make sure you are as specific as possible. Don’t say you need the job to make money. That is obvious. You have to convey what about the company you enjoy and how you would aid in the company.  Take this example:

          My name is John Smith and as an avid shopper of Bass clothing I am both familiar and supportive of the clothing that your company provides. My persuasive demeanor will allow me to influence our customers to purchase our products or clothing. I enjoy the reasonable prices that the store offers and would like to use my skills to further the company.

By following the guidelines and specific content, your “About Me” resume section will surely convey your contributions to the employer and allow the employer to know why they should hire you right off the back. is a new kind of resume maker and resume builder, empowering job-seekers to show off their personality and experience and stand out from the crowd by combining the best elements of traditional resumes and video resumes.  For more information check us out BriteTab, or contact us