Most Desirable Qualities for Job Seekers

What do Employers Want?

Undoubtedly, job seekers wish they could tap into the minds of employers to find out their more desirable quality for a job seeker. What combination of skills and values will land them the job? Obviously every employer is looking for a specific set of skills necessary for the job, but beyond job-specific skills, there are universal skills sought after by employers.

What are the most desirable qualities for job seekers in the 2000 workplace? Watson Wyatt, a global consulting firm, offers the following list of in-demand skills:

1. Willingness to share information and ideas. Be creative and be able to work with others ideas.

2. Commitment to teamwork. Being able to work independently as well as on a team is essential to job-seeking skills.

3. Responsiveness to change. Be flexible and be able to respond to adversity and adapt to changing conditions.

4. Ability to work under pressure. Be able to prioritize and multi-task efficiently while keeping a cool head.

5. Sense of ownership of work and ideas.

6. Willingness to take calculated risks, without fear of consequences.

7. Multicultural experience and/or ability to speak multiple languages.

8. Ability to communicate clearly and honestly with peers, managers, customers. Communication skills are vital weather it be in listening, verbal, or written.

9. Understanding of business strategy and how you create shareholder value.

10. Commitment to continuous learning, skill development. Have an open-mind about new areas foreign to you.

Employability skills are traits you also need in to workplace. Be honest and be able to learn and develop in your field. Document and market your skills in your resume and cover letter and interview throughout your job searching. is a new kind of resume maker and resume builder, empowering job-seekers to show off their personality and experience and stand out from the crowd by combining the best elements of traditional resumes and video resumes.  For more information check us out BriteTab, or contact us