Resume to Stand Above the Crowd


Creating a stand out resume that will show prospective employers that you are the perfect candidate for the position can seem daunting. However, by utilizing a few resume building tips, you will create a stand out resume that will make it to the top of your employers “Yes” list.

•Stay Relevant: To help build a stand out resume, you want to stay relevant to the employer. If you stuff your resume with unrelated information, it won’t be a stand out resume. There may be a lot of qualities you have that may impress various employers, however, not all with impress the target employer. There is a very little time that goes into reviewing resumes and if your resume does not stand out during the “10-second” glance, it will not be considered further.

•Minimize your space: As a rule of thumb, your resume should be about a page in length. You are not creating a novel; you’re creating a stand out resume. A combination of the cover letter and resume should not exceed two pages. Any more, is a waste of paper. Your goal is to grab your employers attention at first glance and place it in the “possibility” pile and not toss it into the “not even an option” pile. Do some research on the job your applying for to collect relevant information. 

•Display your name and Objective in lights: This is one of the most vital tips as your name and objective are the first impression of your resume, the handshake and introduction to the rest of who the professional you may be. Be creative when writing your objective. It must be narrowed and not too wordy. Indicate that you are in this for the long haul. Make your employer remember your name when flipping through resumes later. You want to be sure that you have a stand out resume and therefore you must market yourself as a desirable employee that will meet your employer’s expectations.

•Use resume-builder feature: Organization of your resume is important to obtain a stand out resume. Organize your information into sections: Education, Achievements, Skills, Work history, etc. Highlight career highlights and add in a photo with your resume to look more professional.

Follow these tips to create a stand out resume. You want to make a good first impression on your employer, and a stand out resume will guarantee that you are given a follow up interview to allow yourself to stand out. is a new kind of resume maker and resume builder, empowering job-seekers to show off their personality and experience and stand out from the crowd by combining the best elements of traditional resumes and video resumes.  For more information check us out BriteTab, or contact us