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How It Works:

BriteTab offers job seekers a simple, step-by-step way to create an attention-grabbing resume or CV with our resume builder. Simply sign up, launch the application, choose a format, enter text, upload corresponding videos (optional), and save. Once you save and publish your resumes online, you will receive a unique link to send anywhere you’d like, and can edit your resume at any time by logging into your BriteTab account.

The Resume Maker:

ImpressionLab is our unique resume creating application that provides job seekers a robust, easy-to-use way to create a highly personalized online resume. The application was designed to allow for a step-by-step process of choosing a format, entering text and uploading photos and videos via a drag-and-drop interface. Other features include templates, themes, sharing features, traffic reporting, supporting document integration, and a resume dashboard to manage all your resumes, videos, and images from!

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Now you can manage and share your online resumes and CVs with recruiters, employers and even your friends directly on Facebook. Just follow This Link and connect your Facebook account to your Free BriteTab account.

The Results:

With BriteTab you will not only be able to design a great first impression but you will have the ability to add real personality and professionalism into your CV. Add a video and help your prospective employers personally get to know you and stand out. Don't let your word doc. or PDF get lost in the clutter. Employers see regular resumes everyday, make sure that yours stands out.